Receiver Services:

  • Receiver: $275.00/hr, including travel time
  • Receiver Administrator: $125.00/hr.
  • Accounting: $125.00/hr.
  • Expenses: Reimbursement of all out of pocket expenses

Flat monthly fees may also be negotiated depending on the size of the property and complexity of the case.

  • Additional Costs: Receiver fees do not include property management, leasing disposition or legal fees, court costs or filing fees.

Post Receiver Services - Property Management:

Monthly Fee: Three percent (3.0%) to five percent (5.0%) of monthly collected gross rents.

Reimbursements: On-site personnel, related insurance and personnel costs plus related support equipment, postage, delivery services, travel, copies, etc.

Service Provided; Full accounting of all funds, monthly rent role, tenant ledgers, balance sheets, income statements, delinquency reports, supervision of on-site personnel, tenant relations, vendor relations, day to day operations.